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Three French co-founders created a chat site that allowed people to chat online and flirt via live video chat in 2019, as if it were a foregone conclusion. LuckyCrush is the name of the site. During the first Covid lockdown it saw a +50% increase in registrations and a +200% increase in time per member.

LuckyCrush is where relationships begin and end. They are temporary. To ensure anonymity, the site prohibits users sharing their personal contact information.

What is the process? LuckyCrush is a chat service that randomly connects girls with men and boys with girls. Users can instantly switch to a random partner if they don’t like or wish to end the chat.

This site is optimized for straight people, especially men who have difficulty finding a partner on other random chat sites such as Omegle and Chatroulette. They must click “next” hundreds of times before they are matched up with a woman partner. It’s not surprising that there are more males on Da- ting Apps than females.

LuckyCrush allows users to select a gender and be certain that they will only match with girls. A gender filter is available. Registrations are regulated to ensure that at all times there are approximately 50% men and 50% of women online.

No one should wait too long to be paired up, regardless of their gender, with the maximum chance of both of them being interested in each other. That’s why straight-opposite-sex partners cannot be matched at the moment.

You can access the site on both your laptop and mobile devices. The site and video calling features are available from any web browser.

You don’t need to download an app in order to use them on your smartphone. The site boasts more than 1.5M users in 100+ countries after a year and a quarter.

The site randomly pairs strangers from various countries. This was one of the problems it encountered when it launched. Many people had to use another browser tab to translate the messages they received and sent, which was very inconvenient.

They quickly created an automatic translator that allows users to communicate in their native language, while their messages are automatically translated into the language of their partner. Users can now communicate with strangers around the world as if they were their neighbors.

Asking the founder team how they managed to attract so many women to their site, in comparison to other chat sites and apps that are frequently avoided by girls, they said that their automoderation system was largely responsible.

While you may find some very dirty things on Chatroulette and Mocospace, LuckyCrush allows users to be reported three times in 24 hours. This gives them a lifetime ban. So on LuckyCrush, female members

You have the ability to “clean” the site of rude male members. This is often why girls don’t like chat rooms.

Is it really secure? LuckyCrush like Camblink is completely anonymous. Your chat partner cannot see your username. You can choose not to reveal your face during chats if you don’t want strangers to see it. In a sense, it’s possible to remain anonymous while having fun with strangers online.

Remember that you are talking to strangers. Although your partner may appear friendly and open-minded, you will never know their true intentions. Therefore, it is important to be cautious about what you say and how you present yourself on camera.

You should never do or say anything you wouldn’t in public. This is the best way not to have sensitive photos and videos of you posted online.

What’s next at LuckyCrush? The site’s launch was initially seen as a joke by its founders. However, it soon became a multi-million dollar business. LuckyCrush had to be transformed into a startup company with engineers, marketers and funds to expand their platform. Although they have received multiple buyout offers, their goal is to be the most fun and popular chat site on the internet.

Example of an organic article published in French by a newspaper. Republished by many French newspapers, and translated by (April 2020).

We tried “LuckyCrush” on one man and one woman. All flirting was tested…

This is a unique concept: two people, flirting, but not meeting at the end. LuckyCrush is a great alternative to other dating sites for those times when physical distance is still necessary.

We signed up to…

Goodbye Tinder, and all other Meeting Apps. Bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as cinemas, will still be closed despite the end of containment. Barrier gestures remain de rigueur. Dating is difficult, as you’ll have seen.

A new way to solve loneliness is to try a different concept. LuckyCrush offers ephemeral flirting without the need for a physical meeting. The website was created in 2019. It randomly selects two people to connect via video chat. This is similar to Chatroulette, a 2009 random video chat messaging site. LuckyCrush’s security rules are stricter than its predecessor.

Match-making is currently optimized for straight people

You will be asked whether you are a woman or a man when you first visit the site. If you’re a male, you won’t be matched with any women. If you’re a woman, your matches will only be with men. Guys, you got it! You don’t have to click “Next >> hundreds of times to find female partners, like other video chat sites.

LuckyCrush says that all you need to do is choose your gender, and you will be randomly connected with someone of the opposite sex. For “conception reasons”, the site doesn’t offer same-sex dating, but a new version is being developed.

Don’t be satisfied with flirting.

When you log in for the first time, the platform’s rules will be displayed. It is prohibited to share contact information or accept payments from others.

If one of the users is not in front of the camera during conversation, then the account could be suspended. However, users are not required to show their faces and nudity can be allowed as long as they agree…

Once you have established the rules, the chat can begin. It can be accessed from any device, including a smartphone, tablet or computer. LuckyCrush.

If the conversation is not satisfying, the user can click the “next button” and be placed in relationship with another person. This exchange can last anywhere from a few seconds up to several hours. While you wait for the cafes to return, there are other things that can be done.

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